My Top 3 Celebrities To Smoke With

What celebrity would you love to have a smoke with is the millions dollar question between BOTL and SOTL all around the world. I do not know of a single cigar smoker that has never been asked or have not asked themselves that very question. In my short 42 years of life I have lucky enough to say I have smoked cigars with my brother, my dad and my best friend. If all goes as planned I will live long enough to say I have smoked one with my son as well. Just saying I have smoked with those people in my eyes is more than enough for me, I have truly been blessed. But thats not what this article is about, even though my family and friends are celebrities in our minds, you want to know what famous people are on my list.

So now lets now lets move on to the topic at hand, and start by just naming a few famous smokers, then we will do a dive into my buckets list. To me when I think celebrity cigar smoker the first name that always pops up is Arnold Schwarzengger. Arnold has to be one of the biggest names in Hollywood and around the globe, and is rarely seen without a cigar. Other names that always come to mind for me are Steve Harvey, Winston Churchill, Jack Nicholson, Tom Hardy, John F Kennedy, Sylvester Stallone and Clint Eastwood. Im sure as you sit here reading this you instantly think of some names I might have missed, if you do drop a comment below and let me know.

Now time for my Top 3 celebrity smokers I would love to have a chance to sit down with, past and present in no particular order. To make this more interesting I will name some people that are no longer with us but would have made for one hell of a conversation. So lets dive right into my list:

Red Auerbach

This man was a legend, all basketball fans know his name and know what he accomplished. You never see him without a cigar, he was smoking on the court during games, he smoked at practice and even in the locker rooms. He was part of a dynasty that won 11 championships in 13 seasons and a league record 8 championships in a row. These are records that never will be broken or even get close to being matched. Being a Celtics fan my whole life I can imagine sitting down in smoke filled room with Red and just talk for hours about old school basketball, his out look on life and what made him such a great coach. The stories he could tell you would be priceless, cigar after cigar you would hope the evening would never end.

Al Capone

The legendary Scarface himself inviting me over to one of his hidden speakeasy’s for and evening with friends. Public enemy number one and probably one of the most famous mob figures ever. From his bouts with Elliot Ness to the Saint Valentines Massacre, there has never been a more famous crime boss. Oh the stories this man can tell, anywhere from illegal gambling, prohibition, murders and where the ten millions dollars is buried. He would tell tales of his days of being a kid on the streets of Brooklyn all the way to the start of his mafia time in Chicago. I would sit and listen to his stories for hours on end, the secrets and the street smarts this man had are plenty!

Michael Jordan

(Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

The one and only Goat of the NBA. No sports figure is probably more famous then Michael Jordan. It would take me days to list all his accolades but lets touch on a few of the main ones, 6 time NBA champion, 6 time NBA Finals MVP, 5 time NBA MVP, NBA defensive player of the year, NBA rookie of the year, and 2 time gold medal winner. The list goes on for miles, so yes name me a person that would not love to sit down and have a cigar with Jordan. The setting would be a day of golf at his private golf course called The Grove XXIII. Hell I honestly would not even know where to start, I have so many questions for him, from his time in the NBA to his love of golf. Golf has always been a big part of Jordan, even when playing in the NBA he always found time to sneak off and play a round or two. Shoes, cigars, golf, his favorite courses to play would be among the many topics we would discuss.

I hope my list did not disappoint you, I am sure alot of people will have some of the same answers, and a few will name some famous people we forgot all about. That is always the fun part of discussions and part of what makes the cigar community so fun to be a part of.

Until next time my friends, PSSITA!!


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