Big Sky Cryptid Review

The Big Sky Cryptid comes from the minds and imagination of Jess and Brandon from Big Sky Cigars. This cigar is based off a urban legend of the flathead monster that lives in the Flathead Lake in Northern Montana. This cigar is a monster of its own, measuring at a 5×60 flavor bomb.

This Cigar is a beautiful San Andreas wrapper beautifully rolled with a Nicaragua binder and filler. I have smoked a box of these to date, and never once have I found a flawed wrapper or experienced a bad burn. It has been nothing sort of perfection and a very nice and rememberable smoke!

Now on to the experience: this cigar has a sweet smell of tobacco and on cold draw I get hints of cocoa and coffee. Being a 60 ring gauge I tend to lean to a V-Cutter to get maximum air flow and smoke output. Im a firm believer in cigars should smoke like a train, the more the smoke output the better. I love with the aroma and smoke feel the air, as if I am back in time at an old school speakeasy.

Upon light up and into the first 1/3rd of the cigar, I mainly get the cocoa/chocolate, hints of earth and leather mostly. The retrohale greats me with spice, but not pepper spice more of a cinnamon type of spice, very subtle and not over powering at all.

Once I hit the 2/3rd of the cigar I see a pickup of the power of the cigar, and a slight change in flavor. I start to finally get some of that coffee flavor I got a taste of in the cold draw. Spice kicks up a good bit in this part of the cigar. It seems to now be more a pepper than a baking spice. Still a very good smoke, and at this point of the cigar I would rate it as a medium strength.

Final 1/4 I do not see much of a change from the previous section, if anything I get slight hints of the earthly and cocoa flavors.

This cigar is one of my favorites out right now, its never a bad experience, I just cracked open my second box and I see more boxes in my future. At a price point of $130 for a box of 10 cigars, I do not think you can every go wrong with this cigar.

Visit this link to get yours now: Big Sky Cigars Cryptid

Origin: Esteli

Wrapper: San Andreas

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium to Full

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