Join Us

Want to be a Barrel Burner? We have two main requirements before you will be considered for membership. These requirements are be active in our chat rooms for six weeks, and take part in a live video herf with our members. If you think you can do that, then send us a message, and make sure to tell us a little about yourself and let us know your social media tags. We will take a look and if you make the cut we will send you a link to join our chat groups. Its that simple!!


Discrimination and racism will not be tolerated. You will not be warned you will be kicked from the club.

Soliciting and asking for free merchandise using our images is not accepted or tolerated.

Do not talk down to or harass other members.

You will start this club as a prospect until you fill both requirements to earn full membership status, which are active in chat and use of our hashtags.

Full members are the only members that can receive a patch and order merchandise.

If still interested please email us at and send us your social media names and we will check you out. If you are Barrel Burner material we will respond with a link to join out chat servers.