About Us

We are a family of cigar and bourbon lovers. We share reviews and photos of the drinks and cigars we love! Barrel Burners started as a group of 6 friends meeting once a month for a guys poker night. The original 6 or the #OG6CM consisted of ME (BurnersBoss), my Brother Joe Dirt, Jerry, Adam, Brodie and Sean.  I am the only of the six guys that branched out and created the online Barrel Burners you know and love today. Our love for cigars, bourbon and a good times gave me the idea to do something big. I took the friendship and fun environment we had playing cards and imagined how great it would be to do this on a bigger scale. We pride ourselves on being a very active chat group, full of information for beginners or long time smokers. But we don’t stop there, we have pipe lovers, beer lovers and scotch lovers, sports lovers, video game lovers, and comic book lovers. It was the love of cigars and bourbon that brought us all together. Good things are happening, and they are happening fast for the Barrel Burners family. We are taking the internet by storm. Think you have what it takes to be a Barrel Burner? Email us!!