Founder of Barrel Burners

5 Year Anniversary Meetup

Join us June 3-4 at Club Humidor in San Antonio, Texas for a huge 2 day party. The night of Saturday, June 3rd will be the Barrel Burners 5th Anniversary party at Club Humidor with special guest Matt Booth from Room 101 Cigars. Sunday will be the 1st annual Room 101 Shadow Fest and Annual…

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The Butcher Review

The Butcher is an Ecuadorian Habano masterpiece from Sinistro’s La Fabrica Line. If you are not familiar with La Fabrica the Sinistro website states its a line created to bring some of the world’s best aged, and limited-run cigars to the consumer. Small batches of forgotten cigars are evaluated to make sure they meet our…

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My Top 3 Celebrities To Smoke With

What celebrity would you love to have a smoke with is the millions dollar question between BOTL and SOTL all around the world. I do not know of a single cigar smoker that has never been asked or have not asked themselves that very question. In my short 42 years of life I have lucky…

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