The Butcher Review

The Butcher is an Ecuadorian Habano masterpiece from Sinistro’s La Fabrica Line. If you are not familiar with La Fabrica the Sinistro website states its a line created to bring some of the world’s best aged, and limited-run cigars to the consumer. Small batches of forgotten cigars are evaluated to make sure they meet our standards of flavor, construction, and burn. A name is chosen, and we do our best to bring it to you at a reasonable price. These have all seemed to be very very good cigars that will not break the bank. All the ones I have tried from this line average 7-8 dollars a cigar and smoke like a 20 dollar cigar easily.

The butcher has Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, with a Dominican binder and Dominican/Pennsylvanian filler. A beautiful wrapper and well constructed cigar with no burn flaws during my smoke session. Cold draw gives you the most pleasant sweet tobacco smell with hints of cedar.

Upon light up I was met instantly with a rush of spice and peppers. Retro did not disappoint the pepper ramps up and gives a good kick to the palette. I was so focused on the pepper flavor that I never noticed a transition of flavors. The whole smoke gave me a mixture of spice, peppers, cedar and almonds. This was a very enjoyable cigar, I bet would pair great with coffee. The flavor was consistent and the only change I really noticed was the final 3rd the cigar spice eased up and kicked up the flavor of cedar and almonds.

This was was a medium to heavy smoke, leaning to more medium for me. If you enjoy a cigar with spice and pepper this is the cigar for you! This cigar is a very limited release so let the hunt begin, I promise if your lucky enough to find one, you will not be disappointed. Do yourself a favor and also make sure to check out more of the La Fabrica line from our friends at Sinistro.

After typing this review I did a quick search and found this cigar in stock at Puro Cigar House: link below

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican/Connecticut/Pennsylvanian
Strength: Medium-Full
Size: 6×50

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