E.P Carrillo Core Blend

Todays review is on a cigar that has been around for almost a decade. This cigar first come out around 2010. It came to me in a Bespoke Subscription box last month, and yesterday I finally got time to fire it up.

At first glance i can tell this cigar is well made, its a good tight wrap with no soft spots to be found. The cigar had a dark brown Ecuadorian wrapper and the cap was perfect and worked well with my V-cutter. This stick has a Nicaraguan binder and the filler is a mixture of both Nicaraguan and Dominican. It is listed as being a medium/full smoke but I found it to be more on the full side for me.
The pre lit smell was of light tobacco and a hint of spice, once lit the first draw gives you a creamy chocolate flavor rush. Burn was great and once lit I did not have to touch it up one time and also produced a great ash and was full of creamy smoke with each puff.
Half way through the cigar I experienced a change in flavor, I started tasting a woody flavored mixed with some spice and picked up a little hint of cedar. The final third of the cigar is when the taste really picked up for me and is the man reason for me I call this a heavy cigar and not medium. In this part of the cigar the spice really kicked in for me and mixed with more cedar, espresso and a sweetness that almost seemed like more chocolate. There where also a few more subtile flavors mixed in that I could not name.
Its a fast smoke, I was able to smoke the whole cigar in less than an hour. This cigar is loaded with flavor and full of smoke, if you have not tried this one and you like complexed flavors I would say put this on your list to try for sure. I will for sure give it another go soon and see if I can figure out the other flavors I was unable to name.
E.P Carrillo Core
Shape – Maduro
Wrapper – Ecuadorian
Origin – Dominican Republic
Binder – Nicaraguan
Filler – Nicaraguan and Dominican
Price – N/A
I rate this cigar a strong
4.25 out of 5 puffs.
Until next time I am The Cigar Newb!
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