The Gurkha Warlord

Hello everybody, today we take a look at the Gurkha Warlord! This is a big and beautiful cigar that is full of flavor. You better have time for this one, this smoke took me about almost 2 hours to finish, it comes in at a whopping 6.7 x 60 Gordo! The Warlord is very well constructed with a Nicaraguan wrapper and and a Connecticut Broadleaf Binder. This is a full flavored cigar, but do not let that scare you away, its complex with some good flavors. Straight out of the box this cigar has a mild earthy smell mixed with black pepper. The Warlord lights up good and produces nice thick smoke, the first puff will give you a big shot of black pepper, but hang with it, in a few minutes it turns more earthy with a hint of cedar and barley mixed with just a little pepper. This cigar continued to burn good for me the entire time and produced long as and lots of smoke. As you approach the end of the cigar I found it to get a very sweet flavor and the perfect end for a cigar that started out so strong! This cigar comes in at $299.99 for a box of 33 at so thats only $9 a cigar, well worth it for a smoke with so many flavors. Full score under the photo.

Gurkha Warlord
Shape – Gordo
Wrapper – Nicaraguan
Origin – Dominican Republic
Binder – Connecticut Broadleaf
Price – $299 for a box of 33
Overall Score
4 out of 5 puffs!!
Thank you for reading, and leave some comments below if you have tried this one. Once again I am The Cigar Newb, see you on the next blog

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