Golf, Cigars, and Good Friends, Make for the perfect day.

Sure golf, cigars and hanging with your friends is fun. But have you have you ever went golfing and smoked cigars with your friends on the course? There is no better way to spend you time with your friends.

This past weekend was the first time the boys and I made a trip to the links. The night before I was like a kid waiting from Christmas morning. With the excitement of golf the next day approaching I was in bed by 9 pm. I wanted to do everything in my power to make the night fast forward. My alarm was set for 7 am, do you think I made it to the alarm time.... hell no. I was up a good 30 minutes before my alarm time and was out the house by the time my alarm went off. It was golf day and nothing could slow me down, I arrived at Jerry's house 30 minutes early and we did not waste no time hitting the road to the golf course.

We arrived at the golf course well over an hour before our tee time and we did not care one bit. Upon arrival we ran inside the club house, paid, and got our cart key. I do not think we ever made it to a driver range so fast. We each grabbed a driver, iron, and wedge out of our bag and started swinging like our lives depended on it. After a good 30 minutes of hitting we started off to the putting range to warm up. As we started out we seen our 2 other buddies pulling up to the course finally. Do I need to say they where way early also lol.

The excitement ramped up, it finally sunk in that we are about to start back up for the year our monthly golf outings, and that was exciting for all of us. As we all began to talk, there seem to be 2 things in common with all of us, one being we all went to bed early, and 2 being we ran our asses out the house so fast nothing could stop us. It was funny hearing each other state that we where so excited we all went to bed early and woke up well before the time we where suppose to.

Whats next you ask, well it was golf time, we each reached into our travel humidors, grab a cut and a light and it was go time!! On this glorious day I should have smoked 4 cigars by the time we where done with 4 of the best hours of my life playing golf. I started my round with a Espinosa Knuckle Sandwich Connecticut and boy it did not disappoint. It was

paired with lots of bad drives and decent putts. Front 9 was brutal for me, it had been about 6 months since the last time I touched a golf club. Cigar 2 was a Room 101 11th Anniversary and it never lets you down. This cigar mellowed as i hit a sort of zin and groove on the course for the day. I hit a few good drives, putting was even better. By the time the round would end I was at a 2.2 putt per hole average, and thats something to always be happy with. Cigar 3 of the round was a Black Bird Cigar and Privada Exclusive the Passion Fruit. This cigar was part of not only my shot of the day but the best overall shot out of all of us. The shot set up to be about 33 yards off the green. My shot game is by far my best part, me and my 60 degree wedge can work magic. As I lined up on this shot, I took a puff of the passion fruit, looked over to Jerry to make sure he was watching and then I let her rip. The swing felt great, the ball landed right on the green about 15 ft from the cup. I thought it would land firm, but as i lowered my head I heard the guys yelling it was tracking. I looked up to my surprise and it was rolling straight for the pin. A few seconds later we watch as the ball disappeared followed by the best sound in golf, the ball hitting the cup. I had just pulled off one of the best par saving wedge shots of my life. The cigars and the friends being there to see it made it 1000 times better.

My Final cigar of the day was a Crown Heads Le Careme SE 2022, which is one of my favorite cigars out right now! As the day come to a close I wanted to smoke this cigar to help put the perfect ending to a perfect day. I had two goals going into this day, one being to break 100 since it had been so long since I played. Goal number two was to make memories on the golf course with good friends and good cigars. The break 100 did not happen but boy did we add some more memories and have one hell of a perfect day. Golf was over but now it was time to go to the clubhouse and eat, now was time to look back on the day and relish in the fun one last time before the ride home.

Golf, Cigars and Good friends will always be the making of a perfect day in my books. I urge you to get out there and try it!!!


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