Another Select Draw Cigar Cutters Review

A Fellow Barrel Burners member got his hands on the Select Draw Cigar Cutters and wanted to do a review, so here it is. Make sure to follow him.




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Diesel Whiskey Row

I have been waiting over a month to get my hands on this cigar that hit shelves June 1st. They have been backordered since the first day, so when Cigars International finally got them in I jumped on the opportunity to buy a box. These things are beautiful starting with the box they arrived in.
This cigar is a creation of General Cigar and AJ Fernandez using tobacco aged in bourbon barrels from Rabbit Hole Distillery in Louisville Kentucky. AJ soaked his Mexican San Andres Binder in the bourbon barrels to come up with this amazing cigar. The wrapper is aged 5 years and is a Ecuadorian Habano, with a Nicaraguan Filler. This cigar come in four sizes, robusto, toro, churchill and gigante with a box count of 25. I smoked the robusto at a size of 5.5×52 and had a little over an hour smoke time.
First appearance of this cigar out of the wrapper I noticed the smooth brown Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with few veins and a well constructed cap.

After uses my V-cutter the cold draw gave me hints of earth and wood with a good draw throughout. Once lit the first half of the cigar has a lot of flavors that seem to work well together. I tasted hints of cocoa, cream, cinnamon, pepper, oak, and a few other small notes I could not name. The burn on the first half of the cigar was good, not a single time did i have to touch it up. This half of the cigar gave a good medium flavor.
The last half of the cigar picked up a little for me and smoked more like a full bodied cigar. I received stronger flavors of pepper with oak and hints of espresso. At this point you can really taste the hints of bourbon also, and to me it really helps tame the pepper and gives the cigar a perfect balance of flavors that really mesh well together. The burn was still good the last half, I did however touch up the cigar once during this half, most people would have let it correct itself but it was bugging me so I had to fix it. To me this is a must try cigar, put it on your list and when you can buy a sampler or package of 5 do it.

Diesel Whiskey Row
Shape – Robusto
Wrapper – Ecuadorian Habano
Binder – Mexican San Andres
Filler – Nicaraguan
Price – $7.50
I rate this cigar a strong
4.75 out of 5 puffs.
Comment below and let me know if you have tried this one yet and what you think about it. Also make sure to follow me on instagram and twitter under then name POBJASON.
Until next time I am The Cigar Newb!! Stay smoking my friends

Man O’ War Armada


This week brought some much needed pool time. Threw some ribs on the smoker and kicked back and enjoyed a Man O’ War Armada. This is a Aj Fernandez cigar, and his cigars hold a special place in my heart. On of the first cigars I smoked and bought a whole box of was the Man O’ War Ruination. So you can imagine my excitement when i got my hands on the Armada.
At first glance this is a beautiful cigar, it was a 6.5 x 56 toro in a beautiful dark brown wrapper. The wrapper is a Ecuador-Sumatra blend, with a Nicaraguan filler. This is a medium to heavy cigar and produces think creamy smoke. It takes about an hour and half from start to finish.
The pre lit smell was of tobacco and a creamy earthy oil. Once lit the first puff gave me a hint of cedar, coffee, pepper and that earthy taste again. For heavy cigar this is a real smooth and easy to smoke stick. The thick white cloud of smoke produced is how all cigars should smoke.
Flavor really did not change for me until the last 1/2 to 1/3. This change in flavor brought less earthy taste and more nutty with a mix of pepper again. The pepper is strong right at the very end of the cigar but it is still manageable mixed with the nutty and earthy flavor.
After smoking this one you realize what a $20 cigar should taste like, creamy, smokey, great burn and full of flavor. Not once did I have to touch up my burn, and the ashes would last 2-3 inches before falling off on their own. This was a very enjoyable smoke and I would have to put into my all time top 5 cigars I have had.
Man O’ War Armada
Shape – Toro
Wrapper – Ecuadorian-Sumatra
Origin – Nicaraguan
Binder – Nicaraguan
Filler – Nicaraguan
Price – $20 a cigar
I rate this cigar a strong
4.50 out of 5 puffs.
Comment below and let me know if you have tried the Armada or any other of the Man O’ War line.
I am The Cigar Newb and I will see you in the next blog!
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E.P Carrillo Core Blend

Todays review is on a cigar that has been around for almost a decade. This cigar first come out around 2010. It came to me in a Bespoke Subscription box last month, and yesterday I finally got time to fire it up.

At first glance i can tell this cigar is well made, its a good tight wrap with no soft spots to be found. The cigar had a dark brown Ecuadorian wrapper and the cap was perfect and worked well with my V-cutter. This stick has a Nicaraguan binder and the filler is a mixture of both Nicaraguan and Dominican. It is listed as being a medium/full smoke but I found it to be more on the full side for me.
The pre lit smell was of light tobacco and a hint of spice, once lit the first draw gives you a creamy chocolate flavor rush. Burn was great and once lit I did not have to touch it up one time and also produced a great ash and was full of creamy smoke with each puff.
Half way through the cigar I experienced a change in flavor, I started tasting a woody flavored mixed with some spice and picked up a little hint of cedar. The final third of the cigar is when the taste really picked up for me and is the man reason for me I call this a heavy cigar and not medium. In this part of the cigar the spice really kicked in for me and mixed with more cedar, espresso and a sweetness that almost seemed like more chocolate. There where also a few more subtile flavors mixed in that I could not name.
Its a fast smoke, I was able to smoke the whole cigar in less than an hour. This cigar is loaded with flavor and full of smoke, if you have not tried this one and you like complexed flavors I would say put this on your list to try for sure. I will for sure give it another go soon and see if I can figure out the other flavors I was unable to name.
E.P Carrillo Core
Shape – Maduro
Wrapper – Ecuadorian
Origin – Dominican Republic
Binder – Nicaraguan
Filler – Nicaraguan and Dominican
Price – N/A
I rate this cigar a strong
4.25 out of 5 puffs.
Until next time I am The Cigar Newb!
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The Gurkha Warlord

Hello everybody, today we take a look at the Gurkha Warlord! This is a big and beautiful cigar that is full of flavor. You better have time for this one, this smoke took me about almost 2 hours to finish, it comes in at a whopping 6.7 x 60 Gordo! The Warlord is very well constructed with a Nicaraguan wrapper and and a Connecticut Broadleaf Binder. This is a full flavored cigar, but do not let that scare you away, its complex with some good flavors. Straight out of the box this cigar has a mild earthy smell mixed with black pepper. The Warlord lights up good and produces nice thick smoke, the first puff will give you a big shot of black pepper, but hang with it, in a few minutes it turns more earthy with a hint of cedar and barley mixed with just a little pepper. This cigar continued to burn good for me the entire time and produced long as and lots of smoke. As you approach the end of the cigar I found it to get a very sweet flavor and the perfect end for a cigar that started out so strong! This cigar comes in at $299.99 for a box of 33 at so thats only $9 a cigar, well worth it for a smoke with so many flavors. Full score under the photo.

Gurkha Warlord
Shape – Gordo
Wrapper – Nicaraguan
Origin – Dominican Republic
Binder – Connecticut Broadleaf
Price – $299 for a box of 33
Overall Score
4 out of 5 puffs!!
Thank you for reading, and leave some comments below if you have tried this one. Once again I am The Cigar Newb, see you on the next blog