2019 Florida Meet up

Our first official club meet up took place this past weekend at Cigar Castle in Tampa Florida. The members did an all day event starting with breakfast followed by lost of drinks, and cigars. Traficante Cigars and Cigars for Warriors where on hand to help us celebrate. Thank you to all the members that attended, a big special thank you to Danny and Howie for planning this event, and Cigar Castle we truly want to thank you for hosting and we will see you again next year!!

Featured Barrel Burner Episode 1

Hello Barrel Burners Family, today we bring you something brand new and exciting. It is called Featured Barrel Burner, and it is a video tour of our members man caves, smoke sheds, humidors, whiskey and cigar collections. This is an amazing way for your members to showcase what they love most. Episode 1 is from @timsmokescigars one of the founding members of @dads_smoking_cigars. Make sure to give them a follow on instagram!